Swift Touring Kayaks

With plenty of storage space and an efficient hull design to cover distances with ease, the Bering Sea's are at home on big water.

For the adventure seeking paddler, Swift touring kayaks will get you where you are going with grace and elegance.

Bering Sea

The Bering Sea, with the extra waterline length, gains more speed than the Saranac.  It’s volume above the waterline gives it increased security in rougher conditions and even more room for gear.  Yet, the Bering Sea offers a low profile to the wind, with a forward-raked design and unique mini-transom, sure to appeal to the sophisticated paddler.  

Optimum Load Range: 140 - 280 lbs.  

Industry Capacity: 550 lbs

Length: 15’ 10"                             

Waterline Length: 15' 2"              

Width: 23.5”                           

Depth: 14”

Cockpit Size: 31” x 16.5”             

Bow Hatch: 18” X 11“ Oval            

Stern Hatch: 18” x 13” Oval

*Includes Skeg


Kevlar Fusion - 40 lbs.


Carbon Fusion - 38 lbs.

* A rudder can be added to Touring Boats for $150

Bering Sea XL

The Bering Sea XL is ideally suited for the larger sized paddler who is looking for more than average performance, complimented by beautiful craftsmanship and durable, lightweight construction. It has rounded chines and a moderate rocker with a spacious cockpit.It handles wind and waves with great predictability. It’s long waterline length, flared hull design and composite hatches create ample storage capacity. 

Optimum Load Range: 190 - 360 lbs.  

Industry Capacity: 600 lbs

Length: 16’ 2"                             

Waterline Length: 15' 10"              

Width: 25”                           

Depth: 15”

Cockpit Size: 33” x 17.5”             

Bow Hatch: 11” X 10.5“             

Stern Hatch: 15.5” x 11.5” 

*Includes Skeg


Kevlar Fusion - 42 lbs.


Carbon Fusion - 40 lbs.

* A rudder can be added to Touring Boats for $150

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